Friday, September 20, 2013


1) We're going to be at Aetheroncon! To talk about and run a demo of Extreme Earth
2) Justice Wheels rewards have gone to all backers. This crowd-funding campaign is now done. Yay!
3) Improbable Tales print editions have gone to backers and the POD version is now available to the public. This crowd-funding campaign is also now done! Double yay!
4) We will soon mail out print editions of Stark City to backers. So - almost done on that one.
5) Steve Perrin is currently writing a WW2 supplement set in the Stark City verse. We will kickstart this one later this year or early next
6) Jason Tondro has written a cosmic supplement for Stark City. We've got the art produced and we're proof-reading this one now. Release date - probably_ before the end of the year.