Friday, June 27, 2014

Supervillain Handbook Project

So -over at Fainting Goat Games we're working a book for ICONS called The Supervillain Handbook. Or possibly: The Field Guide to Supervillains. 

We're still toying with titles.

The big idea is that it's going to be an exhaustive look at supervillains. This book will detail 40 super villain "archetypes" that often appear in comics, including their abilities, backgrounds, origins, and most importantly the kinds of stories in which they appear. 

We've got a rough draft of the manuscript and - we've started a facebook group where we will be posting the archetypes - probably one every few days or so. We've already got most of the art that's finished for the book up there (mostly by the talented Jacob Blackmon).

We'd like to have a big open discussion with ICONS fans and comics fans about the archetypes as we unveil them. The concept is that a big group of comics fans will have insights and thoughts that we might have missed - and through this collective effort - we can make the best book possible.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Our First SUPERS! Release - Auguste Anarch

To help celebrate the release of SUPERS! Revised Edition - we are converting a few of our Justice Wheels pdfs to SUPERS! Here's the first (with nifty action figure cover by Adrian Smith) - The Auguste Anarch

BTW - if you haven't checked out SUPERS! - its a lot fun. Give it a look