Thursday, December 29, 2011

Improbable Tales - Kickstarter Soft Launch

Project Description

Fainting Goat Games is proposing to crowdfund a 5 issue series of fast, frantic and fun short scenarios for ICONS using Kickstarter.

They will be titled Improbable Tales and will be ideal for a quick evening's entertainment or to drop as a set-piece into a longer adventure.

The Kickstarter dates are still being firmed up. Tentatively, we're looking at a 40 day run from mid-January to early March.

The adventures will be written by Mike Lafferty (who did the line of Battlescenes ICONS adventures for Vigilance Press) and Chris McGroarty (who wrote the Gangbusters adventures for Adamant Entertainment). Art will be by Adrian Smith of Mesozoic Press and ICONS Line Artist Dan Houser.

Funding Goal


Each scenario would contain art, maps, characters and everything a Game Master would need to run the adventure.

The adventures will be published both as pdf e-books and as a printed volume that collects all 5 adventures.

Project Rewards

We would offer a variety of contribution levels ranging from $2.00 to $100.
All contributors will be thanked in the credits.
At the basic level ($2.00) the contributor would receive a pdf copy of the adventure of her choice.
At the 4.00 level -they would receive 2 pdfs of their choice.
At the $6.00 level -they would receive 3 pdfs of their choice
At the $8 level - they would receive 4 pdfs of their choice
At the $10 level - they would receive copies of all 5 pdfs

At the $30.00 level - the reward would be a copy of the Print-On-Demand compilation of the adventures and copies of all 5 pdfs (outside the US, please add $5 for shipping)

At the $50 level - we'd include everything from the $30 level as well as a Fainting Goat shot glass or T-shirt with your choice of logos - see both below. (outside the US - please include $10 for shipping).

At the $1600 dollar level, you receive all the rewards at the 50 level. In addition, ICONS Line Artist (and all-around funny fellow) Dan Houser will come to your house and run the adventure of your choice for you and your gaming group. You provide the snacks and gamers.


1) Day of the Swarm: Massive Ants terrorize the city! But who is the mysterious figure guiding their rampage?
2) Primal Power: a super-intelligent ape is on the loose in the countryside. His goal: vengeance against humanity!
3) Vampires of Red Square: The undead are storming the Kremlin! Russia teeters on the brink of chaos - the call goes out worldwide for heroes to stand against the bloodsucking legions!
4) Aqua-Zombies of the Kriegsmarine: the heroes have been contracted to retrieve a powerful artifact lost 65 years ago in a sunken Nazi U-boat. But something evil has been waiting all those years on the ocean floor..
5) The Golden Robots of Dr. Warp -the heroes are called upon to storm the HQof a time-travelling mad scientist, Dr Warp.

Check out previews of some of the artwork and covers below

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