Thursday, December 29, 2011

Introducing Fainting Goat Games

What We Do:
We believe that more people having more fun gaming is a good thing.
Towards this end - we are dedicated to infusing our games with humor and with focusing on making the Game Master's job easy.
We can not be stopped! But we can be paused, occasionally, for pie.

Who We Are:
 Fainting Goat Games is a game development studio run by Mike Lafferty.

  • Mike Lafferty has been working in the field of small press role playing games since 2006 and has been published by Adamant Entertainment, RPGObjects and Vigilance Press. He also produces a humorous podcast focused on gaming and comics at
  • Kristen Perkins has extensive editing, experience and has previously worked in that capacity for Arizona State University, iPhysicianNet and Phipps Studios.
  • Chris McGroarty, a technical writer and recent immigrant from Shannon, Ireland is just starting out in the RPG field and has recently recently had his module Gangbusters for the ICONS game system published by Adamant Entertainment.
  • Adrian Smith - British based artist Adrian Smith of Mesozoic Press has been contributing a ton of great art and handling much of the layout for Fainting Goat's projects so far.
  • Dan Houser has rocketed to prominence in recent years with his work as the line artist for Adamant Entertainment's ICONS and we're very happy he's giving us a hand with the art for our projects as well
  • Jon Gibbons Is a self taught, UK based Freelance Illustrator who specializes in concept art and illustration for the RPG and boardgame industries.He's done work for a variety of RPG companies including Adamant Entertainment, Pinnacle Entertainment Group and Big Finger Games. Jon has contributed our back cover logo (seen below) and we're hoping to bring him on for more interior work on future projects.

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