Thursday, January 26, 2012

Embarrassing Video That Didn't Make the Cut for the Kickstarter

This was almost used a funny bit tacked onto the end of the Kickstarter video.
Luckily, wiser heads prevailed.
Thought it might amuse the handful of folks who actually pay attention to this blog :)


  1. The fez says it all. FEAR THE FEZ!!!

  2. heh - thanks Joe. The Fez gets much less fear than you would suspect.

  3. dude, how pissed are you in that clip LOL, I think you should have tagged this onto the end, made me laugh

  4. Jon - about as pissed as it looks.:)

    Wanted to tag it onto the end of the Kickstarter video ---BUT, cooler heads than mine prevailed.

    Apparently some people play these games with their kids. Didn't want to give the idea that Improbable Tales was only for drunken sods or scare off any potential backers.