Friday, October 18, 2013

Vigilance - got nothing to say

hey - just to put it to bed
I'm still getting asked occasionally about Vigilance Press

1) I have no idea what's happening with any of their previous game lines or IP (from before the acquisition).
Per the advice of my lawyer, I will never publish another Wargames product again. Sorry - but that's the safest route.

2) I'm aware of the Monte Cook article. All I can say is: I'm sure Monte meant well and wrote the best article he could with the information he was given. I have no further comment on that.

3) I have no inside info or insight into anything Vigilance Press is doing. I'd simply direct any queries to them.
 I really don't know anyone there anymore and (again, per my lawyer's advice) I have no contact with anyone there anymore.
90 percent of the creative talent who were working with Vigilance Press before the acquisition are no longer affiliated with the company. Including me. Read into that whatever you like.

So - to sum up: I don't know what's going on at Vigilance Press anymore. And I've got no further comment on their current activities, the acquisition or anything.

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  1. I must say i do not know any person right now there anymore and also (yet again, every my solicitor's advice) I've zero connection with anyone presently there anymore.
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